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Registration / Bib

Where is the bib pickup?

The bib pickup will be at Décathlon Boisbriand sports store, 2525 Rue d’Annemasse, Boisbriand, Qc J7H 0A3 – Highway 15, Exit 20

Can another runner or another person collect my bib?

No. You must come in person to collect your bib.

Unfortunately, it has happened that some runners ran with a bib that did not belong to them, this practice is unsportsmanlike, as well as unsafe for runners.

Imagine that a woman in the 50-59 age group loses her podium finish because a 30 year old man ran with the bib of another 54 year old woman…

Can someone pick up my runner’s kit (without bib)?

Yes. You must write an authorization letter on behalf of the person who will collect your kit. Your name and address must appear on the letter and you must provide a photocopy of one of your photo identification cards (driver’s license or health insurance card).

This person can pick up your t-shirt and your runner’s bag without the bib.

Is the wrist band compulsory?

Yes, you must wear your wrist band from the bib pickup until you leave the finish area after your race.

Can I change the size of my t-shirt?


Where should I put my bib on my t-shirt?

Your bib must be visible at all times during your race on the front of your t-shirt.

What happens to me if I lose my bib?

If you lose your bib, you will not be able to replace it. Make sure you put it in a safe place once you have collected it at the bib pickup.

Can I change the distance from the Marathon to the Half Marathon or from the Half Marathon to the Marathon?

Race distance change is possible if places are available for the distance for which you want to change. Changing to an event that is already sold out is not possible.

Can I defer my registration to the next year?

It is possible to defer your registration to the following year. The deferral is possible for one year only and for the same distance you are registered. A limited number of deferral are accepted. The deadline is September 1st.

Can I register on race day?

No, places are limited, the Marathon and the Half-marathon fill up very quickly.

Can I change my target time?

It is possible to modify your target time. Select « Registration ». Click on « Change to your registration » You will need your registration code, which is on your confirmation email. The deadline to change your target time is September 1st.

Day of the race on the course

Can I wear headphones during my race?

Wearing headphones is not prohibited. However, it is not recommended for security reasons. Participants must be attentive to their surroundings and able to hear medical emergency vehicles to allow the rescue team to circulate freely.

What is the time limit for the Marathon?

The time limit to complete the marathon is 5h30.

Is there medical care on the course?

We have patrollers (first aid) throughout the course and a team of first responders with emergency vehicles throughout the route.

There is a medical station at the finish line

What happens to me if I have to drop out during the race?

We have vehicles waiting on the course. These vehicles will take you back to the finish line. If it’s not urgent, go to a refuelling station or a crossroad. Tell a volunteer that you need a vehicle to go to the finish line.

Where are the water stations and do you have energy products?

We have several water stations and electrolyte drink stations.

Are there pacers?

We have several pacers for the Marathon and the Half-Marathon.

The pacers are volunteers. It is possible that there is no pacer for all announced times.

How can I follow a participant?

Your friends and relatives can follow you by downloading the Sportstats app.

Android (Google play) http://bit.ly/SportstatsTracker_GooglePlay

IOS (Apple Store) http://bit.ly/SportstatsTracket_AppStore

Where can I cheer for runners?

Throughout the course, it will be possible to follow and cheer the runners.

Are strollers and adapted armchairs allowed during the race?

No, for the smooth running of the race and not to injure the runners.

Can a cyclist follow a runner?

No, bikes are not allowed on the course. The only bikes allowed on the course are official bikes accredited by the organization.

Can a friend or my children run with me to cross the finish line?


Only runners who wear a bib can cross the finish line. Friends, parents or children cannot accompany a runner to the finish line. The entire runners finish area is closed to the public to ensure the safety of all participants.

Are there toilets on the course?

Portable toilets are available at departure areas, at the bus boarding area, at various points along the course and at the finish line.

What is the time limit for the half-marathon?

The time limit to complete the half-marathon is 2h45.

Day of the race / Start area / Bus / Parking

Do I have to take the bus from Saint-Jérôme to the start line?

HALF-MARATHON: The bus is mandatory for all participants of the Half-Marathon. NO EXCEPTION. All participants must present their proof of transport by bus to access the start area. The infrastructures in Piedmont are not designed to accommodate hundreds of vehicles at the same time without endangering the safety of residents.

MARATHON: Parking spaces are limited Val-David, start of the marathon. This is why it is highly recommended to take the bus to get to your start line. Deadline to purchase your bus ticket is September 01.

Where can I take the bus to the start?

All the buses leave from the Marathon finish line, 160 rue de la Gare in Saint-Jérôme.

Can someone take the bus with me?

Buses are reserved for runners only.

Can we see the list of participants?

You will be able to see the list of participants as soon as it is available, it will be online.

  • 42 km: Link to come
  • 21 km: Link to come

Where can I park in Saint-Jérôme?

There are several parking lots available in Saint-Jérôme.

Vieille Gare de Saint-Jérôme: entrance from rue Latour, Saint-Jérôme

Quartier 50+: 425, boulevard Jean-Baptiste-Rolland Est, Saint-Jérôme QC J7Z 4J4

Melançon Arena: 451 rue Melançon, Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 4K3

Is there a Gear Check to leave my personal belongings?

Runners can leave their belongings at a “Gear check” located at the start of the Marathon and at the start of the Half-Marathon. Only the bag received at the bib pickup is accepted. You can pick up your bag on arrival. Any bags that will not be collected after the race will be donated to a charity on the day of the race.

Can we leave things on the bus?

No. The buses make several trips to bring runners to the starting line. Make sure you don’t leave anything on the bus.

After the race

Where can I see the photos of the race?

Photos are published on the Marathon website, on the results page.

You can collect your free finish-line photo or video (depending on what is offered) and certificate on the Sportstats website.

You can also get your photos in action along the course, and at the finish, on the Marathon Photo website.

Are there showers on site?

No, no shower is accessible on site.

Where can I view my results?

You can go to the Marathon results page on the Marathon website or on Sportstats website.

What is my official result, Chip time or official time?

The chip time will determine your end result

Back to the start area?

There are no buses to take runners back to the start lines after the race.


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