Date : Saturday, October 2, 2021

First start: 8:00 am

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The Half-Marathon is exclusively run on Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park.

Time Limit

The time limit to complete the half-marathon is 2:45.

Checkpoint 11.1 km

From the last start, the runners will have 1 hour 27 minutes to get to kilometer 11.1 that is situated at Clos Prévostois Blvd. in Prévost.

Runners who arrive after this time limit will no longer be part of the race and will not be allowed to finish the race. A bus will take them to the finish line.

Buses to the Half-Marathon Start Line

All buses leave from PLACE DE LA GARE in Saint-Jérôme, 160 rue de la Gare, Saint-Jérôme.

Please note that parking spaces are limited at the starting areas in Piedmont. It could be difficult to find a parking place.

It is highly recommended to take the bus to get to your start line. A 7,00$ fee applies.

The deadline to purchase your bus ticket is September 1st. It will not possible to buy a ticket on the morning of the marathon.

First Bus : 6:00 am
Last Bus : 6:25 am
Buses will leave as soon as they are filled.

Trip duration : 20 minutes

Note-1: The bus schedule may change.

Note-2: There is no scheduled bus to bring the runners back to the starting lines after the race.


Due to the physical distancing rules in force, pace bunnies will not be allowed during the 2021 edition.

There will be pacers for the following times:
1:30 – 1:40 – 1:50 – 2:00 – 2:10 – 2:20 – 2h30
Note: Pacer times may vary.

Awards to winners

Awards will be given to the winners of the half-marathon.

  • Top three men and women open category. The gun time will count. In order, the first three to cross the finish line.
  • Top three men and women by age group: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 +. The chip time will determine the top three by age group.

It will be possible to pickup your rewards at a table set for this purpose near the train station finish line area.

Bicycles and strollers on the course

In order not to impede the smooth running of the race and not to hurt or endanger the participants, strollers and bike followers are not allowed on the course.


OCTOBER 2 & 3, 2021

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