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Bib Pickup


Bib pickup will be at Décathlon Boisbriand sports store, 2525 Rue d’Annemasse, Boisbriand, Qc J7H 0A3
Highway 15, Exit 20

Schedule :

  • Thursday, October 3 – 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm (half-marathon and marathon)
  • Friday, October 4 – 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm  (half-marathon and marathon)
  • Samedi, October 5 –  10:00 am to 4:30 pm  (marathon only)

It will not be possible to pick up your bib the morning of your race or at any other time or place outside of the scheduled time.

* The place, days and hours may change.

To Pickup Your Bib :

  • You have to pickup your bib personally.
  • You must present a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, health insurance card).
  • No other person can pickup your bib on your behalf.
  • It will only be possible to pickup your bib on the dates and times set for the bib pickup.
  • The vaccination passport or proof of vaccination may be required according to the regulation issued by the Quebec Government at the time of the event.

Participant’s Wristband

At bib pickup, a wristband will be attached to your wrist by one of our volunteers. You will have to wear this wristband until you leave the finish area after your race. This wristband is your pass for the start area. YOU MUST WEAR YOUR WRISTBAND TO ACCESS THE START LINE. If your wristband is damaged, you may be denied access to the start.

Wave Starts

Starts will be given in waves. Your start number will be written on your bib. It is important to start with the wave that was assigned to you. Any changes could result in errors in your final time. The wave starts allow runners to spread out and make it easier for each one to adjust and take more easily his/her own pace.

Runner’s Gear Bag

A gear bag will be provided to you at bib pickup. YOU MUST USE THIS BAG AND ONLY THIS BAG AT GEAR CHECK. No other bag or backpacks will be allowed on the buses and at gear check. Leave nothing on the bus. Make sure to bring all your belongings with you. Do not leave valuables in the bags.

Gear check

Runners will be able to leave their belongings at a « cloakroom » located at the start of the Marathon and the Half Marathon. The runners must use the bag that was provided at bib pickup. The bags are placed in numbered boxes. To identify your bag, you will need to use the detachable part of your bib that you will attach around a rope on the gear bag using the T-wrap you will receive with your bib.  No other bags will be accepted at Gear Check. You can collect your bag upon arrival at the finish line.

It is strongly recommended not to leave any valuables in the bag that you will leave at Gear Check. It is the sole responsibility of each runner to identify his / her bag correctly. The organization of the Marathon will in no way be responsible for lost, stolen or otherwise damaged items.

All bags that will not be recovered after the race will be donated to a charity on race day.

Parking in Saint-Jérôme

There are many car parks available in the vicinity of the train station.

  • Old Saint-Jérôme Train Station: 150 rue de la Gare, Saint-Jérôme.
  • Quartier 50+: 425, boulevard Jean-Baptiste-Rolland East, Saint-Jérôme QC J7Z 4J4
  • Melançon Arena: 451 Melançon St Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 4K3

Bicycles and Strollers on the Course

In order not to impede the smooth running of the race and not to hurt or endanger the participants, strollers and bike followers are not allowed on the course.

Official hotel to the finish site

Vieille Gare de Saint-Jérôme – 160 Place de la Gare, Saint-Jérôme

From the finishing site, buses will bring you to the Half-Marathon and the Marathon starting lines.


October 4, 5 and 6, 2024

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