What you need to know before the race


It is with great pleasure that the Marathon P’tit Train du Nord welcomes you. We are very happy to have you among our runners. We look forward to seeing you Saturday September 30! Beyond performance, self-fulfillment!

Please read this guide to the end. We will not be able to answer the questions answered in this guide.

Date : Saturday september 30th, 2023

First start: 8h00




Bib pickup


Décathlon Boisbriand Sport Store
2525 rue d’Annemasse, Boisbriand, Qc J7H 0A3


  • Thursday, September 29 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Friday, September 30 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

The times for the race bib pickup correspond to the store’s opening hours.
It will not be possible to collect your bib on the day of the marathon or at any other time outside the scheduled hours.

Procédure pour récupérer votre dossard

  1. Vous devez vous présenter en personne.
  2. Vous devez présenter une carte d’identité valide avec photo (Permis de conduire, carte d’assurance maladie, passeport).
  3. Aucune autre personne ne peut récupérer votre dossard (aucune exception).

Bracelet du participant

Au moment de récupérer votre dossard, un bracelet sera mis à votre poignet. Vous devez obligatoirement porter votre bracelet pour accéder au corral de départ. Vous devez garder ce bracelet jusqu’au moment de quitter la zone d’arrivée après votre course.

Si vous portez un bracelet endommagé, vous pourriez vous voir refuser l’accès à la zone de départ.


Bus to the start


Bus departure

  • Bus departure : Saint-Jérôme Old Train Station.
  • Address : 160 Place de la Gare
  • Entrance : By the South, via rue Latour, Saint-Jérôme.


To get on board the bus

  1. You must wear your bib. “Demi-marathon”
  2. Only runners with bibs will be allowed on the bus.


Horaire des autobus – Piedmont- Départ du demi-marathon

Les autobus partent dès qu’ils sont pleins.

  • Premier départ : 6h05
  • Dernier autobus : 8h10
  • Durée du trajet : environ 20 minutes

Les coureurs sont responsables de se présenter à temps pour prendre leur autobus en fonction de l’heure de leur départ.

Assurez-vous de ne rien laisser dans l’autobus
Aucun autobus ne ramènera les coureurs à la ligne de départ, après la course 

Stationnement à Saint-Jérôme

Il y a plusieurs parcs de stationnement disponibles dans les environs de la Gare.

  1. Vieille Gare de Saint-Jérôme : Entrée par la rue Latour, Saint-Jérôme.
  2. Quartier 50+ : 425, boulevard Jean-Baptiste-Rolland Est, Saint-Jérôme QC J7Z 4J4
  3. Aréna Melançon : 451, rue Melançon Saint-Jérôme, QC, J7Z 4K3

Access to the start site


Only the buses transporting the runners will have access to the start site. All runners, without exception, must take the bus to get to the start. With the increased number of participants, the accommodation capacity and the very limited infrastructure of the Piedmont Train Station sector, we had to adopt this new measure in consultation with the Municipality of Piedmont. Potentially close to a thousand vehicles would have converged at the same time towards the Piedmont Train Station. Such a situation would be critical for the safety of participants, spectators and the residents of Piedmont. Congestion in the area would make it impossible for emergency vehicles to pass. The safety of citizens can in no way be compromised. We are aware that this measure may be restrictive for some people. However, we believe that you will be understanding about this safety issue for the citizens who welcome us. All half-marathon runners without exception will have to take the bus provided for this purpose, from the Vieille Gare de Saint-Jérôme to get to the starting site in Piedmont. Participants who intend to come by their own means and who will not take the bus will not be allowed in the starting area and will not take the start of the half-marathon.

Piedmont train station area

As a security measure, we ask accompanying persons not to come to the Piedmont station area throughout the departure period. A very large number of cars could affect the smooth running of the starts and the safety of the runners. Parking is prohibited at all times throughout Piedmont.

Half-marathon start area

The starting site is reserved exclusively for Half-Marathon participants. Only runners with bib and bracelets will have access to the starting site. Accompanying persons, spectators and cars do not have access to the starting site

parcours parcours

Gear check

You can leave your personal belonging at the start of the half-marathon.

  1. You must use the bag that will be given to you with your bib.
  2. No other bag will be accepted at Gear Check.
  3. Your bag with personal belonging must be ready to hand over to the volunteers before entering the start area.
  4. Personal belonging that you leave must be kept to the minimum.
  5. To identify your bag, you must use the detachable part of your bib that you will tie around a rope of the bag using the T-wrap that you will have received at the same time as your bib.
  6. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave any valuables in the bag that you will leave at Gear Check. It is the sole responsibility of each runner to identify their bag correctly. The organization of the Marathon will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or otherwise damaged items.
  7. You can collect your bag on arrival.


All bags not claimed on the day of the Marathon will be donated to community or charitable organizations. After the Marathon weekend, it will no longer be possible to collect your bag.


Called for starts

Be vigilant not to miss your start! You must report to the starting corral as soon as your start number is called.

Access to the starting corral

You must wear your bib to access the start corral. You will need to wear your participant wristband.


  1. Participant wristband You will need to show your participant wristband to access the start corral. If a runner shows up with a damaged wristband, a check will be made and the runner must confirm his identity. The runner could miss his start. If the verification is not conclusive, the runner will not have access to the start corral and will not take the start. His bib number will be removed from the list of participants.
  2. Bus wristband You must wear the wristband given to you when you board the bus. A runner who does not have a bus wristband will not have access to the start corral and will not take the start. His bib number will be removed from the list of participants.


The clothes you intend to leave behind just before the start or along the course will be donated to charities.

parcours parcours

It is not possible to change your start for a faster start.


  • Start # 1 :    8h00
  • Start # 2 :    8h06
  • Start # 3 :    8h12
  • Start # 4 :    8h18
  • Start # 5 :    8h24
  • Start # 6 :    8h30
  • Start # 7 :    8h36
  • Start # 8 :    8h42
  • Start # 9 :    8h48
  • Start # 10 :  8h54
  • Start # 11 :   9h00
  • Start # 12 :  9h06

Your bib number

  • Number of starts: 12
  • Number of runners per start: 250 (environ)
  • Your start number is written on your bib.
Click here to know your bib number


Liste des lapins de cadence prévus.

S’il n’y a pas de lapin de cadence dans votre départ, il est possible de prendre le départ suivant.

  • Start # 1 :   1h30
  • Start # 1 :   1h40
  • Start # 2 :   1h40
  • Start # 3 :   1h50
  • Start # 4 :   1h50
  • Start # 5 :   2h00
  • Start # 6 :   2h00
  • Start # 8 :   2h10
  • Start # 10 : 2h20
  • Start # 11 : 2h30
parcours parcours

Finish line area – PLACE DE LA GARE – SAINT-JÉRÔME

While waiting for the arrival of the runners, meet up with friends and family at Place des Festivals in Saint-Jérôme. Kiosks and activities for young and old await you. With Decathlon, try new sports.


Awards to winners

Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the half-marathon. First three men and women all categories. The trophies are awarded after the race.

Top three men and women by age categories:
18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 +

The rewards will be mailed in the weeks following the race. The chip time will determine the top three in each category.


The race will be timed by Sportstats. Your friends and relatives can follow you on the Sportstats app. There will be no results tent at the finish site, the results will be available on the Sportstats site.

parcours parcours

Course info

The course follows exclusively the track of the Linear Park of the P’tit Train du Nord.

To find out about all the services offered on the course:

Click here


September 29, 30 &
October 1st, 2023

Register info

The Laurentians_Quebec_Canada
35km north of Montreal